Automotive Interiors EXPO 2021

Researchers from the Collaborative Laboratory in Digital Transformation – DTx and CEIIA attended at Automotive Interiors Expo 2021 Europe, within the scope of the activity to promote and disseminate the results of the LEIMSA project. The dissemination of the project was carried out through the presentation of the roll-up containing the results of the project achieved, in partnership with the project partners companies Kurz, Niebling and DuPont. During the event, preparations are also made to visit the stands of players who stand out in terms of production and integration of pieces using printed and flexible electronics technology. 

It aimed to observe in present how technologies and manufacturing processes work. The players of interest were selected by the need to explore technologies related to the printing, thermoforming, molding and assembly of electronic components in scientific systems for car interiors, namely: door panels, center consoles, dashboards, clusters, etc. 

This exploration and acquisition of knowledge will be directly applied in the development of the LEIMSA project. Additionally, it was attended to the technological sessions held throughout the exhibition.